Month: September 2018

Markets – September 2018

August featured a more nuanced and collectivized Goldilocks story—investors judged the porridge on offer in emerging markets and Europe not to their liking, but not so distasteful as to go on a general hunger strike. Instead, as a group, they just ate more of their favorite brand.

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Hurricane P.R.E.P.

September 10th is the official peak of hurricane season. After a slow start to this year’s storm season, activity is picking up in the Atlantic with Hurricane Florence approaching the east coast, Tropical Storms Isaac and Helene churning further offshore, and a low-pressure blob strengthening in the Caribbean Sea. In anticipation of potential adverse weather,…

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On Watch – September 2018

The latest edition of On Watch is now available for download. This issue features articles about blockchain technology, the role of a foundation trustee, and IRS guidance regarding miscellaneous itemized deductions. Contributors to this issue are Catherine Lee Clarke, CFA, David L. Zahn, CPA, CFP(R), and Leslie Kiefer Amann, JD. To receive email alerts about future issues…

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