Substantial wealth can bring substantial headaches. By either serving as your family office or by working with your existing office, we can provide a variety of services to ease the burdens inherent in the management of your wealth and your family’s needs.

Examples of services we provide include:

  • Customized reporting and consolidation of our own and other investment managers’ exposures and performance.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for individuals, closely held entities and business activities.
  • Assuring that business and investment entities operate in accordance with their governing documents and consistent with their roles in the family’s overall plan.
  • Risk management, including coordinating risk analysis and insurance acquisition.
  • Cash flow management, with special recognition of the differing cash flow needs of the numerous, complex entities often involved in wealthy families’ infrastructure.
  • Bill paying.
  • Management of personal residences and staff.
  • Acquisition, leasing, management and disposition of high value personal assets.
  • Coordinating medical services providers and elder-care needs.
  • Training and mentoring family members on managing their cash flow, investments, etc.
  • Virtually any other service that you might expect from a full-service family office.

If we don’t have the necessary skills or experience in-house to handle a particular issue or need, we will identify and recommend a service provider to handle it, and then provide the oversight and coordination to get it done.