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A comprehensive plan for a family’s wealth and business activities can be key to achieving long-term familial harmony and financial success. However, such laudable objectives are unlikely to be accomplished by performing piecemeal estate, tax, investment and succession planning in isolation from each other.

In contrast, we have always emphasized a process-driven approach to family wealth planning and family business consulting. This process has been used with many of the nation’s wealthiest families to develop and implement plans to achieve the families’ objectives.

It begins by identifying, developing and clarifying family members’ concerns and objectives on a broad range of financial, tax, business and personal issues.

Our process, combined with our extensive experience, allows us to develop a plan that has an increased likelihood for success because it addresses the issues through coordinated, rather than piecemeal, strategies.

Our process also improves the efficiency of implementing the plan and provides a solid basis for our ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the resulting structures and strategies.

Our family wealth and business-succession planning and implementation are often accomplished in conjunction with the family’s other advisors. We believe in a team approach to this process and can perform either a leadership or supporting role as appropriate to the client’s needs.