Increased access to information and capital have vastly changed investment opportunities in public markets. Sentinel Trust continually evaluates where active management adds value. Where markets operate efficiently, we believe investments should be passive, low-cost, and tax-efficient.

Our in-house team of investment professionals evaluate portfolios for valuation, diversification, and tax efficiency in light of overall wealth planning goals. Many families come to us with low-basis or concentrated stock positions and we develop strategies for diversifying while prudently evaluating tax implications.

Our portfolios blend active management with low-cost passive managers that generate tax alpha by trading to defer gains and realize short-term losses.

We take a global view of equity markets, giving clients exposure to stock in companies of all sizes and sectors around the world. With over two-thirds of the world’s economic output coming from outside of the United States and higher growth potential abroad, client portfolios are usually positioned to have significant international exposure.