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Sentinel Trust Mid-Year Investment Review and Outlook – August 4, 2020

Sentinel Trust’s Investment team reviews Q2 and the first half of 2020, and looks ahead to the market outlook for the remainder of the year.

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Letter from Our Chief Investment Officer – February 2020

Before diving into a recap of 2019 and our 2020 market overview, I want to thank each of you who has taken the time to meet with me over the past four months. It has been extremely helpful to understand the families we are serving and to hear firsthand your thoughts and honest feedback on…

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On Watch – September 2017

In this issue:
“A Hedge Fund Primer” by M. Taylor Scott, CFA
“Becoming a non-family director of a family business” by D. Fort Flowers, Jr., CFA
“Putting Legacy 401k Accounts to Good Use” by Andrew B. Smith, JD

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